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Reaching Haiti 4 Christ Ministries (RH4CM) is a 501(c)3 Christian not for profit organization. RH4CM has been established since November 2006 and has a staff dedicated to serving communities in Haiti through empowerment, education and evangelization. RH4CM has successfully built and opened a one room school in Bombardopolis , Haiti . The school however is in need of much repair and expansion. We foresee the renovation of this school, construction of an orphanage, the betterment of medical facilities, natural disaster relief and much more within rural and impoverished Haiti . Founded by Rev. Steve Daniel Exantus and his wife Mercenieuse, natives of Haiti and its experience, this organization is near and dear to our hearts. We have the personal incentive to assure that it continues to thrive by changing lives.

Our mission is to…

  • Empower individuals in Haiti to succeed in life.
  • Empower young Haitians to fully develop their potential through sportsmanship, ducation, and work ethics.
  • Educate and develop excellence in families in Haiti and the USA .
  • Create a safe and healthy environment for individuals and families to enjoy.


We envision a tomorrow full of tangible opportunities for the people of Haiti . We see change and a better place to live full of health, choices and ultimately spiritual happiness.

The staff of RH4CM thank for visiting our site. We ask you become a partner of prayer for this ministry by praying for our ministry and the children we reach out to.  Don’t forget to encourage your family, friends and associates to also be part of this partnership.

Thank you and God bless you,

Rev. Steve Daniel Exantus
Executive Director


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